One-to-one coaching

Hugh offers coaching to help individuals who are stuck in their
personal or professional lives to break free and move forward.
He is training to become an accredited ICF coach and applies activist
strategy, systems thinking, self-compassion and leadership training to his approach.

If you are interested in receiving coaching, you can contact Hugh at


I had been struggling to create space in my busy family and work life and organise my time effectively. Hugh helped me find clarity about my obstacles and by asking the right questions identify some achievable goals. He is empathic and very professional and I felt safe to explore some challenging parts of my life. He responded with ease and experience and I genuinely feel very different after 3 sessions. He gave me new ways to think about decision making and organising my time so I felt empowered and got to grips with the root of what was keeping me stuck. I now have some great techniques in place and have more space and as a result feel much happier. I would really recommend Hugh as a Life Coach.

– Lucy, teacher and therapist

During the course I realised what was important to me. The coaching from Hugh enabled me to question and remove the mental barriers I had in place, untangle the thoughts I had in my head and make sense of them all. By doing so I was able to envisage if I should change career or not. By the end of the coaching, it was very obvious that my current job was not working for me and why I was resistant to change. I’ve now moved on to a new job!

– Emma, media lawyer