Hello! I’m Hugh Mouser, a campaigning and communications specialist working to help charities, NGOs and social enterprises to achieve lasting change.

Through game-changing strategy, action and evaluation, I enable, support and train organisations to deliver and demonstrate campaign impact.

I have delivered many successful campaigns and am skilled in both the creative and technical aspects of campaigning. From 2008-2011 I built up the cross-NGO Campaign Benchmarking Forum, a group of campaigners who regularly meet to discuss best practice in campaigning.

My recent work has included:

  • Coordinating the Europe-wide EU versus CO2 (formerly VW Darkside) campaign for Greenpeace;
  • Leading the Save our NHS campaign for 38 Degrees;
  • Researching and establishing a set of ideal online fundraising and campaigning CRM metrics and reports for Engaging Networks.

Take a look at what I can do for you here.


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