Converse, track and spread the word: Measuring social media campaigning effectiveness

Since I got involved in evaluation a few years ago, influencing stakeholders has gained a new dimension through the rise of social media. Now politicians, celebrities, and even football-supporting cats interact every day with the public through Twitter, Facebook and more. So how can you track and demonstrate your impact through social media? This was[…]

Sex, lies and voicemail: Lessons in campaign PR from the phone hacking scandal

If you’re anything like me, you will have been fascinated by the select committee questioning of News International staff about the alleged involvement of its newspaper, the News of the World, in phone hacking – as well as the associated resignations like those of James Murdoch from News International. These events have not only led[…]

A Comparison of E-campaigning tools

E-campaigning has been a vital tool for campaigners across the world to marry great quality with high quantities of actions. Today there are more campaigning software options than ever. Together with fellow consultants Lisa Vickers, Eugene Flynn and Florian Engel, I have researched and compiled a spreadsheet objectively comparing all the e-campaigning software options available[…]

From We-Think to We-Do

Keeping your strategy secret is one thing – but by reflecting and collaborating with other campaigners, you can bring the whole movement forward. Campaigners don’t often get together en masse. But when we do as a sector, I’ve always found it incredibly interesting. Seeing die-hard activists, e-campaigners, lobbyists, PR experts, policy officers, evaluators, hackers and[…]